Devourer’s first full line-up

For the first time ever in Devourer’s long history we have a full line-up. The new recruits are:

Oleg – Drums
Of Ukrainian descent but now based on Ireland. Viciously fast and technical. Known from Khôra.

Oksana Rage – Bass
Hailing from Russia. Ferocious and disciplined manipulator of the strings. Known from Teodolit.

Johan Vikholm – Guitar
Pure hatred made into flesh he tears through the fabric of the cosmos as he wields his axe! Known from Patronymicon, Sorcery and Sordid Flesh.

Moving forward

Dawn of Extinction has been out for two weeks and now we can move on to finding out were to go next with Devourer. Playing live is definitely possible but we can’t reveal much more about that just yet.

Dawn of Extinction release date

Dawn of Extinction will be released in March 2019 by Iron, Blood & Death Corp. on digipack CD and LP. The album is just over 45 minutes long and contains the following tracks:

01. The Sculpting Hands of Doom
02. Beast of Famine
03. Nihil
04. Redemptive Suicide
05. Evighetens Bila
06. Narconemesis
07. Conjuring the Cleansing Inferno
08. Of God’s Ruins

Dawn of Extinction

The new album will be entitled Dawn of Extinction. The artwork was created by Vald and it will be released by Iron, Blood & Death Corp. on 500 CD and 100 LP.

The recording of the new album is completed and we’re working on the final touches and mastering now. Sometime next week we’ll reveal the title and cover artwork.

Studio Report November 2018

We’re getting close to starting the final mixing sessions of the sequel to the 2017 Devourer album Across the Empty PlainsWhen we started working on the new album we put tremendous pressure on ourselves but after over a year of development the song writing, sound design, concept and lyrics all pass our very high quality demands making it the best Devourer album to be released so far.