Across the Empty Plains CD available now


Across the Empty Plains can be ordered on CD now. Send us a message either here or to our Facebook page to get your copy now. The price is 100 SEK or 12 USD excluding shipping. All proceeds go towards funding the promotion of Devourer in some way.

Store links

Across the Empty Plains is now available on the following digital music stores: Deezer, TIDAL, Amazon Music, Napster, 7digital, Spotify, Google Play and Anghami. It is supposed to be available from eMusic, Shazam, iTunes and 24-7 Entertainment too but I couldn’t find it there either because I couldn’t search the store because I have no account there or it hasn’t listed the album yet. You can still download the album from our discography for free.

Across the Empty Plains

It’s been fifteen years since we started Devourer and the album we release now is a great way to celebrate the past fifteen years. It also gives you an idea of where we’re heading musically and where we’ve been the last couple of years. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did creating it.

You can download the album from Bandcamp and our discography.


Today we released a song from our new album “Across the Empty Plains” on YouTube. In one week from now we will release it on Bandcamp free for streaming and downloading in high quality and in two weeks on June 1st it will also be released on most of the major digital music distribution services.

The album was entirely written and produced by Devourer and the cover art is the work of Juanjo Castellano.


Throne of Agony (teaser from the unreleased album)

On the leap day of the Gregorian calendar, or actually the day before but I wrote the post today, a teaser from the new album was released on this website and on SoundCloud. The backbone of the album is in place and the vocal tracking is progressing nicely. Johan V and I added some more guitar work and we’re working on other embellishments true to the ways of Devourer as well. This will without a doubt be our best work to date.

Cover Artist Revealed

After discussing the new albums lyrical theme and our vision for the cover with Juanjo Castellano for a while we’re pleased to announce him as our cover artist. He’s a brilliant artist with an impressive portfolio so we are certain that his artistic contribution to the album will make it look as good as it sounds! A title for the album is yet to be decided but Insania and Across the Empty Plains are the titles of the two songs that inspired the cover art concept the most.

Tracking Vocals


Tomorrow we start tracking vocals for the new album and I’m really looking forward to hearing Fredrik’s possessed howling on the brand new tracks! There are eight tracks on the album now with a total time of just over 40 minutes but before we are finished there will be at least one more.

Devourer has climbed to the number one spot on not just the local, but also on the regional metal rank on ReverbNation. A big thank you goes out to all the metal and Devourer fans that made that possible!

New Single Released

The first new song since the release of the single and video named Filth and its B-side Deathwatch was released today. It’s a single once again and it is called PestFilth dealt with the nature of humanity and the video ends suitably with vocalist Fredrik Håf exploding like an atom bomb whilst representing humanity as a whole. The lyrical theme of Pest is about Christianity’s oppression of the northern Aesir faith in the 11th and 12th century and features a bit of choir taken from the soundtrack of Dragon Age: Inquisition in the end of the song.