Devourer was started by John Falk in 2002 in Sandviken, Sweden and the first demo was released in 2003. Devourer remained a one-man studio project up until 2007 when Fredrik Håf joined Devourer as lyricist and vocalist. The second demo was released in 2008 and the first full-length album was released in 2013. The second full-length album was released in 2017 on the mexican record label Iron, Blood & Death Corp. A handful of EPs and videos has also been released.


Across the Empty Plains is released online on the 25th of May. Iron, Blood and Death Corporation releases the album on CD September 15th. The album receives a lot of high praises from fans and reviewers alike, rating it 9 out of then multiple times and even a 95/100 rating from Zware Metalen.


After returning home from treatment Devourer becomes Falk’s main and only band. The single Pest, written and recorded by Falk in rehab, is released online. Håf and Falk starts working on the second Devourer album.


Falk is in treatment for opiate addiction and depression.


The first full-length album, All Hope Abandon, is released online. The single Filth, with a video produced by Falk and starring Håf, is also released.


The EP Thy Devourer is re-released with two new songs added.


The second demo, Thy Devourer, is released online.


Fredrik Håf joins Devourer.


The first demo, Malignant, is released online.


Falk forms Devourer in Sandviken, Sweden.